The ED has an experience problem

…and some financial opportunities too

We can help.

For Patients

Automatically update patients and families

Vital updates patients and families throughout their visit, contextualizes their care process, and facilitates scheduling follow up appointments to stay in network.

An image of the Vital Patient App shown on an iPhone.
An image of the Vital Patient App shown on an iPhone being held in someone's hand.

For Clinicians

Modernize your clinical experience

Vital makes it easy to stay mobile and up to date on patient progress, all while maximizing the revenues associated with each encounter.

Powered by Machine Learning

Trained algorithms analyze all facets of your ED, forecasting up-to-the-minute wait times, prognoses and other assistive data.

The results speak for themselves


Increase in ED follow-up appointments


Patient approval rating


Patients served per year

No one has ever shared something like this with me. I’m really glad the hospital is changing how they communicate with patients.
I don’t think patients know what the doctor does when you leave the triage room if I’m being honest… this let’s me know they actually thought about my care and did something about it.
Any news is good news. Information is golden when you have a family member in an emergency situation.
Thank you for sharing the waiting times with me. I wouldn’t have known otherwise. This should be the standard.
I feel like the patients are not as upset with wait times. They have something [Vital] they can keep checking. We have never been able to share wait times or even know what they are until now.
I find it particularly fascinating that no one has asked me about wait times. Not one person has walked up here since I have been working to ask.

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