Patient satisfaction & provider safety during COVID-19

Patients self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms before entering your emergency department. Results are visible to staff from a safe distance. People under investigation are identified for an isolation pathway.

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Screenshot of the Vital Response app showing self-test results, visible from a safe distance

Screen for COVID-19 before entering the building

Posters and signage outside show patients exactly what to do:

Sandwichboard showing instructions and app URL to patients

Providers inside & out can see COVID-19 screens in real-time.

Staff can see symptoms and pre-existing conditions for persons under investigation from a no-download mobile, tablet or desktop trackboard.

You'll get a bed in roughly


As a patient progresses through the ED, Vital keeps them informed with wait times, next-steps and alerts.

Fast & easy to setup


All on a platform that requires zero-IT integration. You can be up and running tomorrow.

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