Keep Patients Updated Effortlessly

For a patient, an emergency room visit can be one of the worst days of their life. Keep patients informed and set expectations for what comes next.

Come together from the Start

Stylised examples of Vital interfaces showing how the two applications work together.

Gather Patient Data in the Waiting Room

Once a patient has registered, they will receive a secure link to check in on their own mobile or tablet while waiting. No downloads, no apps, no passwords needed.

Speed Up Triage

Data provided by patients will automatically fill triage notes, allowing nurses to spend more time assessing and treating patients.

Customize questions for different facilities, so you can capture all the information you require

Cater for a diverse patient population with multi-language support.

Designed and built to be accessible to people with disabilities, according to the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) standards.

Help Patients Stay Informed

Following check-in, patients get to see their own wait times and next-steps. Automatically provide instructions and status updates, and show relevant behind-the-scenes progress to reassure patients.

A stylised version of the patient facing interface showing how it helps patients stay informed.

Focus on providing the best care and treatment, let us handle the rest.

Running a full waiting room is stressful. Vital simplifies data entry so you can focus on your patients.

Nurses can:

  • Gather the demographic details and vital signs you require.
  • Receive patient's medical history.
  • Identify patients faster with uploaded photos and insurance card images.

Patients can:

  • Check in on any mobile device (iPhone and Android compatible), no download required.
  • View status updates as they go.

We’re here for doctors, nurses, and patients. Find out how Vital can work for your hospital.