Stop Wasting Time with Your Old EHRs

For every hour doctors spend with patients, nearly two extra hours, plus time at home, are spent on desk work*.

*According to The Allocation of Physician Time in Ambulatory Practice, 2016

We're changing that.

At Vital, we care about design, collaboration, speed, and ease of use.


20 mins ago

Chest X-Ray completed.

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45 mins ago

Assigned to Room 22 under Dr. Jill Hoskins and Richard Yakamochi.

1 hour ago

Primary Triage completed.

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Work in One Place

Review patient charts, get alerted on lab results, complete your notes on the go. No more hunting for scattered folders, files, and attachments.

Powerful Search

Search a patient across historic notes, medications, orders, and results. Find the latest stress test or glucose level, without scouring through PDFs.

It's search the way you expect it to work.

Built for Flexibility and Collaboration

Triage Together

Edit notes simultaneously or view as they're being written.

Customize Notes

Create your own notes template or modify someone else's. With our powerful customization tools, you can edit and save a new note template in minutes.

Have all your ER information in one place.

  • Registration
  • Pre-arrival Registration
  • Track Board
  • Patient Charts
  • Patient Lab Results
  • Patient Imaging Results

Add notes and collaborate together.

  • Triage Notes
  • Secondary Assessments
  • Rapid Exams
  • Physician's Assessment & Plans
  • Custom Notes

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