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Vital is software for hospital Emergency Departments & patients. We use AI to reduce length of stay, save millions by increasing doctors’ and nurses’ productivity, and keep patients safe & happy. There are more than 140 million visits to the ED every year in the US. Our goal is to improve the healthcare experience for these patients.

We are building a mission-focused, inclusive, and motivated team to scale our product to more patients. Based primarily in Auckland, New Zealand we also have offices in Atlanta and New York. Vital is backed by prominent investors in healthcare, and founded by Aaron Patzer and Dr. Justin Schrager.

As a Healthcare Integration Analyst at Vital, you will be responsible for understanding our customers integration requirements, and translating this into technical documentation for our Integration Engineers. We integrate with a variety of healthcare systems, using different formats, such as HL7, FHIR, C-CDA, and X12. Understanding of different coding systems is important, as we utilise LOINC, ICD, HCPCS, and SNOMED.

The Role

  • You’ll be responsible for creating and maintaining technical documentation that allows our engineering team to understand and interface with different healthcare integration systems and standards, such as HL7, FHIR, C-CDA.
  • You should have a good understanding of clinical practice and the state of computerized medicine, as well as insight into the variety of standards in use, in the context of the US healthcare systems.
  • You’ll act as a domain expert within the platform and systems engineering teams, providing guidance and leadership, and charting a course for Vital to navigate the challenges and pitfalls of dealing with healthcare interfaces.


Most of our requirements are flexible for the right candidate.

  • We are looking for senior analysts with experience in integrating with healthcare systems, preferably in the context of providing application services or interoperability. We’d like you to have several years of healthcare integration experience.
  • We are looking for experience in working with FHIR and/or HL7-based healthcare systems, or with other standards for data interchange, coding or terminology, such as X12, C-CDA, ICD, LOINC, HCPCS and SNOMED - the more varied your experience, the better.
  • Other than the above, we’d like you to demonstrate passion and drive toward your work, and toward the prospect of making a real difference in healthcare.

The right candidate will take initiative to get things done, embrace uncertainty and work well in a team of other high-performing engineers.

Bonus skills

Some additional skills which we’d find useful if you have them, but should not affect your decision to apply:

  • Our backend systems are primarily Scala, but using the right tool for the job is more important to us than language homogeneity. Experience in Scala, or modern Java, would be an advantage, but we know the best engineers are quick to learn and eager to do so.
  • Experience in Javascript, or providing APIs to stateful client-side applications.
  • Experience in GraphQL, Apache Tinkerpop, Postgresql, AWS data services such Kinesis or Aurora, Kafka-like append-only-log services, Akka, Slick, or any of the other software we happen to use currently.


Vital is not a typical healthcare “integration company” - while we have a bias for action over analysis, we also strongly intend to set new standards for best practice implementation of medical tools and systems. Your remit will be broad, and you will have the autonomy and independence to make important decisions, while supported by a brilliant and enthusiastic team.

As a startup, a role at Vital gives you the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a rapidly growing company, where you can have a large impact on our engineering culture.

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