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Vital is software for hospital Emergency Departments & patients. We use AI to reduce length of stay, save millions by increasing doctors’ and nurses’ productivity, and keep patients safe & happy. There are more than 140 million visits to the ED every year in the US. Our goal is to improve the healthcare experience for these patients.

We are building a mission-focused, inclusive, and motivated team to scale our product to more patients. Based primarily in Auckland, New Zealand we also have offices in Atlanta and New York. Vital is backed by prominent investors in healthcare, and founded by Aaron Patzer and Dr. Justin Schrager.

As an Engineering Manager at Vital, you will work on developing and nurturing a friendly and welcoming culture of high-performance. Your responsibilities will be varied, and can be grouped under the following keystones:


For Vital to succeed, we need to be able to hire from a pool of high-quality candidates. As we grow, it is your job to ensure this pool is always sufficient to ensure teams can expand in a timely fashion. This includes working with external parties such as recruiters to source new talent, participating in networking events to raise the company’s profile, and establishing new relationships with talent in other companies. You will also work with potential hires to screen for the very best additions to the team.


Just like a car needs regular maintenance to run properly, so does a team. You will be responsible for keeping a pulse on the engineering team, maintaining an optimal work environment for the engineers to do their best work. This involves regularly catching up with each individual, creating and maintaining good practices and processes, and removing blockers.

Career Development

Everyone at Vital is a valued contributor to our success. We’re committed to ensuring the success is shared by helping each individual reach their goals as well. As an engineering manager, you will be involved in the career development plans for each engineer, helping, coaching and mentoring them along the journey to upskill. You will also assist Vital by developing career paths and running performance reviews.


You will contribute towards building a good, sustainable culture for high-performing teams to operate in. This might include (but is not limited to) planning and running offsites, team-building activities, consulting on office policies and changes, and championing initiatives for the teams.

Managing Up

As part of the leadership team, you will have the opportunity to contribute to your manager’s success by keeping them informed of what’s going on with your team, surfacing the right amount of information when they need it to perform their job well. In return, expect the autonomy and support you require to be the best leader for your team.


  • Be on the ground floor of a rapidly growing company.
  • Craft the culture of engineering at Vital.
  • Have the autonomy to build something with a brilliant and enthusiastically supportive team.
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